Cheap Teen Auto Insurance Tip 2 – Show Your Teenager by Example How to Get Lower Insurance Rates

If you’re the parent of a teenager, then you know it’s only a matter of time before they get their drivers licence and want to buy a car of their own. You’re probably worried about how you can keep your teenager safe when this time comes. No doubt you’re aware that teen auto insurance can be very expensive and wonder how they’ll ever be able to afford it.Leading by example is one of the best ways to position your teenager for cheap teen auto insurance and keep them safe on the road. There are at least five ways that you can enforce safe driving for your teenager, and the sooner you start practicing these methods, the better off you all will be.Research how auto insurance companies determine their policy premiums. Find out what the key characteristics and factors are and how they affect teen drivers. This will put you in a better position to educate your teenager on how insurance works and what they can do to qualify for policy discounts.Emphasize the importance of safety with your teen. Enforce your message by having them participate in Graduated Driver Licensing. This three step program will allow them to practice safe driving under low-risk conditions long before they become fully licensed and insured. This is going to make you feel a lot better about their safety and it may also get them a reduced rate on their insurance.Just like when your teenager was a child, it’s essential to set down and enforce rules. It’s important to let your teen know that driving is a privilege, not a right. Set rules on how they drive, who they have with them and practice these same rules yourself.Ask your insurer about electronic tracking devices that might be used to reduce premiums. These devices will track the driving behaviour of your teen, and if the results are favorable, will reduce the premium.Practice safe driving techniques. Don’t drive while under the influence under any circumstance. This reinforces the importance of not driving while intoxicated. Buckle up. In most states, it’s the law. Keep your cell phone turned off while driving. This will eliminate the temptation to answer it and distract you from the task at hand. Control the number of passengers in your vehicle. Multiple passengers have been known to be the reason for 3-5 times more crashes. Don’t tolerate reckless driving from friends or family.Taking the initiative to start these practices now will go a long way in ensuring that your child remains safe on the road and many of these practices can lead to discounts on teen auto insurance. It’s a proven fact that parents who practice safe driving techniques in front of their children will effectively produce better drivers, and better drivers get better premiums. It’s that simple.

Twelve Car Insurance Money Saving Tips For Much Cheaper Premiums

It can be quite a daunting experience trying to purchase car insurance, and with the myriad of products and sales channels available today, it is often difficult to know where to start the process. It can be even more complicated when you start to look to reduce your premiums without sacrificing either your levels of cover or increasing your risk.As most motor insurance is basically rated by your birth date and age, and your postcode or zip code, short of moving property or growing older, it often appears that reducing your vehicle insurance premiums is an impossible task.This is not necessarily so! Whichever method or distribution outlet you use to purchase car insurance, if you consider these twelve money saving tips, implementation of any one will virtually guarantee a reduction to your premiums at both onset of a policy or at renewal. By simply making changes to any one of these premium rating factors that go to make up the quotes you are given, will result in an alternative quote which should be to your favour.The money saving tips explainedBefore we start remember – Don’t automatically renew your policy with the same company. It is virtually guaranteed that you could get like for like cover cheaper with another insurance company if you shop around and compare covers and prices from different providers.1. Investigate on the Internet – Visit different suppliersIf you were getting paid at least £150 or $200 for two hours work, you should be pleased. That is the minimum you should look to save on your annual premiums by spending a couple of hours shopping around for quotes on the Internet.Visit a car insurance supermarket comparison site. If the premiums are too expensive but you like the cover offered by a particular insurance company then, visit the supplier direct and cut out the expense of the middleman.The large motor insurance comparison sites you see advertised all the time on television will send you off to the suppliers site themselves to complete ‘the deal’, so its best to close down the application, clear the cookies from your browsers memory to ensure that you are not charged their commission inclusive rates, and visit the insurance company direct.Additionally you should visit a specialist auto insurance scheme provider. These were once only available on the High Street but are now springing up everywhere online. No matter what your particular individual needs, be it lady driver cover or perhaps classic car cover, specialist car insurance providers by their very nature usually offer cheaper quotes as they benefit from the economies of scale allowed by group buying of cover.2. Do your researchWho is offering deals on television at the moment? Everybody who seeks motor insurance is an individual with a different car and individual cover needs dependent upon their circumstances. Write down what you think your exact cover needs are and think about where you might find providers for your individual needs. For example, if are you a senior citizen, you should search on the Internet for specialist car insurance schemes for over fifties.3. Go for a no frills policyIf you are not worried about quality of cover and only require basic road risks, go for one of the many policies now being offered by insurance supermarkets as ‘value car insurance’. These policies usually only offer the very basics of cover required under the Road Traffic Act, however may be very suitable for low mileage, cheap cars and younger drivers.4. Only get cover for what you needWhy pay for car breakdown insurance or other sometimes hidden extras such as the cost of including a replacement vehicle should you have an accident, when you already have AA breakdown cover and another car sitting on the driveway at home that you could use. Check your existing policy cover details carefully and exclude all unnecessary or duplicate covers.5. Take on the risk yourselfWith Car Insurance you have two basic options for taking more of the risk on yourself. These being, one by choosing how much cover you require in the first place, that is, either comprehensive or third party, perhaps with the fire and theft options included. Secondly you are given the option on most systems to choose how much of the cost of damages of an accident you are prepared to take on board yourself, before you call on the insurance company to make a claim. This is known as the voluntary excess and is the amount that will always be deducted first from any amount you claim. If the cost of repairs of an accident are not much more than the voluntary excess amount you have chosen then it would be prudent to pay for the repair costs yourself, rather than lose your no claims bonus.6. Reduce the cars risk with improved car and location securityIf you park your car off road or garage it at night you will receive further discounts. If you own a classic car which does not have them fitted as standard, fitting security devices, for example car alarms, immobilizers and GPS trackers to your car will substantially reduce your premium7. Improve your driving or change your lifestyleIf you need to make a claim because of the way you drive, or if you have more than one SP30 for speeding, your premiums are going to be heavily loaded at renewal. You can reduce your insurance costs therefore by improving the way you use your car or changing your lifestyle.8. Cut down on your Car’s UsageBy thinking about how you use your car and reducing unnecessary journeys you will be cutting down on your cars usage and by implication the risk you present to an underwriter. Check how many miles you run up each year and make sure that this is what you are paying for! Do not make a false mileage declaration in an attempt to save money because in the event of a claim, your mileage and MOT if applicable will be noted by a claims assessor. If there is significant difference between the declared mileage and the actual amount you have driven, you risk having the claim refused or seriously reduced in value.9. Pay the full premium amount upfrontMost UK insurance companies charge additional costs for handling monthly direct debit payments. There is often a five to ten percent effective discount if you pay immediately online or over the phone by debit card.10. Investigate Specialist insurance and Car Insurance SchemesInvestigate insurance specialists that target specific groups of people of car type, for example performance motor insurance or cover for young drivers. These schemes offer with unique policy options and cover modified for the particular specialist driver group. They are often far cheaper than standardised covers offered by comparison sites as they have group bulk buying economies of scale regarding underwriting and claims and a known risk pool of similar types of people and car.11. Join a Car clubMany car owners clubs and specialist marques clubs have special affinity group rates for specialist car insurance schemes. The cost of getting membership of these clubs can often be less than the five to ten percent savings you can make on your premiums by joining such a scheme.12. Take an Advanced Driving CourseYou can save a further large percentage with most online insurance companies if you have taken an advanced driving skills course or ADC. The courses are run nationally and the cost of the course is outweighed by the annual savings you will make on your insurance premiums. The savings are greater for young drivers and this is one of the few positive actions that a young driver can make to reduce his or her annual vehicle insurance costs.And Finally – Haggle!And here’s an extra tip which we often find works when all else fails. Complete a quote on the Internet for the policy you desire with the company you like. Do not complete the quote beyond the screen where the premium prices are displayed, merely save the quote reference number. Quotes are usually legally binding for thirty days.Leave it a while then pick up the phone and call the insurance company. Tell them that you’ve had problems completing the quote online. They will ask you the quote reference number and then have all you details in front of them. When they tell you the quote amount (which you should know already), tell them that you’ve got a quote that is, say a hundred cheaper at so and so company, and ask if that’s the best they can do. Just by haggling you will be surprised just how much you could save on your car insurance costs!